07-09 Isuzu L370 Shifter Cable Repair Pin
07-09 Isuzu L370 Shifter Cable Repair Pin

07-09 Isuzu L370 Shifter Cable Repair Pin

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This kit is used to repair the end of the shifter cable where it attaches to the 4L60E automatic transmission. Installation time for our repair kit is about 20 minutes.
Why spend $120.00+ to replace the entire cable and then pay 3-4 hours of shop labor to have it installed?
This kit can be installed in your drive way with simple hand tools.
Save time and money and order yours today!
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The cable repair pin is used to replace the original factory pin and grommet that has deteriorated allowing the cable to become disconnected from the shift lever on the transmission. The plastic ring on the end of your shifter cable must not be broken to use this repair kit. In order to use this pin you must remove the old pieces of grommet from the cable end and remove the original pin from the transmission shift lever. This is a very simple install procedure. Thirty minutes is the average time to install one of these pins. 
Before you attempt to remove the shift lever or grommet, make sure to set the emergency brake and chock the wheels with a piece of wood. Just make sure the vehicle cannot roll while you are trying to work on it.

Once you have the vehicle secured the first thing you should do is remove the old grommet pieces from the cable end. Usually a small screwdriver or some other type of small sharp tool is best to remove the old grommet. Some GM vehicles will have a thin plastic cap on the cable end that will prevent the new replacement pin from passing thru the cable end. This cap will have to be removed with a box knife or some other sharp tool.

The easiest way to remove the old pin is to remove the shift lever from the transmission. Most times the shift lever is held on with a 10mm head bolt (imports) or a 15mm nut (GM). Make sure to note exactly how the lever is mounted on the transmission. You will have to put it back the same way it came off. Sometimes a quick picture will help when it comes time to reinstall the lever. Once you have removed the lever you now need to remove the small amount of material on the back end of the pin. When your vehicle was built new the factory pin was pressed in the lever and then smashed on the end, preventing it from coming out of the lever. Use a small grinder or file to remove this small amount of material. You are trying to remove enough material that you are flush with the shift lever. Sometimes you can see an outline of the pin when grinding down the excess material. If you do, grind until you see a perfect circle. Try not to grind too much material from the lever itself. Now use a small punch or heavy duty nail and a hammer to remove the old pin. Sometimes placing the lever over the edge of a vise or over a deep 9/16 socket, this will help you hold it in place while the pin is being hit with the hammer and punch. Once the pin is removed you are left with a perfectly drilled hole. Now you can assemble the cable back to the lever with the newly supplied cable repair pin. Insert pin thru cable end then into hole in the shift lever. Now install the e-clip. The e-clip should end up touching the area that you ground off. Reattach the shift lever to the transmission, making sure that it was put back the same direction as original. Now test the operation of the shifter thru all the ranges. This completes the installation.

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