2JZ Starter Shim for ATF Aluminum Flexplate

2JZ Starter Shim for ATF Aluminum Flexplate

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This starter shim is used when installing our Billet Aluminum Flexplate. This shim is required to allow clearance between the starter bendix and the ring gear.

The JZ Starter Shim is to be used only with the ATF 1JZ/2JZ Aluminum Flexplate and Adapter Plate.
This Starter Shim is to properly align the Starter Bendix Gear to the Ring Gear of the ATF Aluminum Flexplate.
To use this shim the starter holes must be drilled out with a 13/32" Drill bit which will remove the threads.
Then with your original hardware you will then bolt the Starter to the ATF Adapter Plate (Not Supplied, Sold Seperately)

• Billet Aluminum Flywheel

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