2JZ to GM Adapter Plate (Gen2)

2JZ to GM Adapter Plate (Gen2)

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ATF's NEW & IMPROVED Adapter Plate
This kit has been tested to well over 2,000 horsepower
Fits both 1JZ and 2JZ Toyota engines.

The Adapter Plate is like our standard 1JZ/2JZ Adapter plate except this plate allows you the option to tie it to the chassis like a true Mid-plate racers use to stabilize the engine more steadily in place instead of motor mounts. Also helps solidify the chassis. Best if combined with a Front Plate as an option.

Front and Midplates help engine longevity and prevent twisting of the engine block. We`ve seen over the years that the JZ engines start to have engine block failures near the 1200 whp mark. It also prevents cylinder bores from becoming oblong from being pulled on either side of the engine block, which will cause piston to wall clearance issues.

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