2JZ to Supra – 2pc Mid Plate for Chevy Trans

2JZ to Supra – 2pc Mid Plate for Chevy Trans

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*Now available*

2JZ SFI Approved Billet Flywheel and 2pc Mid-Plate Adapter for Chevy Trans.

This mid plate assembly allows the user to remove the engine without removing the transmission 1st.

The bellhousing is not included with the kit.

ATF 2pc Midplate Adapter for 1JZ/2JZ SFI Approved Billet Flexplate kit for Chevrolet Transmissions. This kit allows you to seperate the engine and remove without having to pull the transmission first. Which is a plus when at the track or in a hurry to remove the engine. The kit includes our SFI Approved Billet Aluminum Flexplate, ARP Flexplate Hardware and Starter Shim..

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