4R70W Stage 2 Transmission
4R70W Stage 2 Transmission

4R70W Stage 2 Transmission

Your Price: $3,195.00
Part# :182101

Rated to 600 Horsepower
The Basic Performer is an improved alternative to a stock replacement transmission. It is designed to provide much better shift quality, control and reliability for your Daily Driver.

Specs: Quality selected core, completely stripped, all major components washed and inspected for excessive wear. Modified for extra clutches in the drum assemblies. Numerous modifications in specific areas for efficient clutch operation and life.

Single Disc Torque Converter add $1150.00
Multi-Disc Torque Converter add $1350.00
Note: Crown Vic Police Cars Have Longer TailShaft Housings with Shorter Aluminum Driveshafts.

• Borg Warner 3-4 Clutches
• Borg Warner Intermediate Clutches
• Borg Warner Forward Clutches
• Borg Warner Reverse Clutches
• New 2" Borg Warner O/D Band
• Fixed Line Pressure
• All New Seals, Gaskets, and Filter
• New Bushings and Thrustwasher (where needed)
• New Intermediate One-Way Clutch and Spiral Lock Ring
• New Low One-Way Clutch
• ATF Recalibrated Valve Body with Automatic Shifting Tested on
our In House VBT 2000 VB Tester
• Factory Steel Pan
•Re-assembled with all critical clearances adjusted for street use.

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