4R70W Stage 4 Transmission
4R70W Stage 4 Transmission

4R70W Stage 4 Transmission

Your Price: $4,895.00
Part# :182103

Full Competition: Rated to 1500 Horsepower
Ready for anything your blower, turbo or nitrous system can dish out! Call ATF to spec out this transmission to your exact needs. More options are available.

Automatic Shifted Transbrake Valve Body add $400.00
Manual Shifted Transbrake Valve Body add $600.00
Single Disc Torque Converter add $1150.00
Multi-Disc Torque Converter add $1350.00
Note: Crown Vic Police Cars Have Longer TailShaft Housings with Shorter Aluminum Driveshafts.

• Red Eagle 3-4 Clutches
• Red Eagle Intermediate Clutches
• Red Eagle Forward Clutches
• Red Eagle Reverse Clutches
• High Performance Steels
• New Low One-Way Clutch
• New Intermediate One-Way Clutch and Spiral Lock Ring
• High Performance Wide O/D Band
• New Bushings and Thrustwashers
• High Performance Servos and Accumulator Pistons
• ATF Recalibrated Valve Body with Automatic Shifting Tested on
our In House VBT 2000 VB Tester
• Deep Aluminum Pan and High Flow Filter
• All New Seals and Gaskets
• Assembled with all critical clearances adjusted for maximum racing performance.

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