Toyota J3- A340E Bellhousing to GM TH350/TH400 Trans Adapter

Toyota J3- A340E Bellhousing to GM TH350/TH400 Trans Adapter

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Made right here in the USA from high quality 6061 billet aluminum.

Allows you to mount your Toyota A340E Bellhousing to a TH350 or a TH400 Transmission. Our Toyota A340E to GM Turbo 350/400 Bellhousing Adapter is precision CNC machined and ready to install. Perfect for applications with tight clearance such as small transmission tunnels and firewalls.
Note: When using the A340E J3 Bellhousing it requires a custom 9 1/2" or smaller torque converter with the Factory Toyota bolt pattern.

Can be used with the factory toyota flexplate or the ATF HD Steel Flexplate.

The ATF Toyota A340E Bellhousing to GM TH350/TH400 Adapter allows you to use your Toyota J3/A340E Bellhousing. The Bellhousing is not included in this adapter kit, what is included is all the hardware that is necessary to bolt the adapter to the face of the transmission.
When using this Adapter Kit you will need to have a Custom Hybrid Torque Converter to be able to fit inside the smaller Toyota J3 Bellhousing versus the Chevrolet/GM Bellhousing.
The Torque Converter Bolt Pattern is the Factory Toyota Pattern which allows you to use your factory flexplate.
ATF does offer a SFI Aproved Steel Flexplate for customers making in upwards of 700 WHP that can be used in conjunction with our custom built torque converter. Making it a perfect marriage of performance and strength.

• J3 Bell Adapter
• All Hardware
• Set of Instructions
• Set of Decals

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