Powerglide Dump Valve
Powerglide Dump Valve

Powerglide Dump Valve

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Our new Powerglide converter dump can be pulse width modulated for more precise tuning and accuracy. This can be used as a full dump when on the trans-brake and then pulsed width modulated after the trans-brake is released allowing you to control converter charge pressure during the run. To control the charge pressure during the run program the controller so that 0° pwm will give you maximum pressure and 100° will give you the lowest pressure.

• Billet Aluminum Pulse Width Modulated Dump Valve
• 12" pre-made -8an hose
• Solenoid Harness
• Two Straight Swivel Fittings
• One T fitting
• One 90° Swivel fitting
• Two -8 to -6 Reducers
• One 45° Swivel Fitting

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