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ATF Transmission & Torque Converter Repair Services

Did you know that ATF offers repair services on transmissions & torque converters regardless who built them? That’s right! If your transmission and/or torque converter have seen better days and you’re not sure where to turn, call ATF.

In most instances, we’ll get you back up and running for less than you’d spend on new, replacement equipment making ATF repair services the smart choice. We have the knowledge and equipment to completely remanufacture your transmission and torque converter, restoring lost performance and durability. Each and every repair is subject to the same rigorous build procedures and triple-check quality tests as the new equipment we produce every day.

What’s more, if you are in need of upgrades such as better transmission hard parts, increased stall speed, stronger converter components, etc., ATF can easily accommodate you during the repair procedure. Add to that our quick turnaround time and you can’t go wrong with ATF repair services. Contact us to make arrangements today!

ATF offers automatic transmission & torque converter repair services on the following type units:

GM Ford Chrysler AMC
Powerglide C4 A904 Torque Command 904
TH350/350C C6 A727 Torque Command 727
TH400/3L80 FMX (converters) A518/46RH
TH200/200C (converters) AOD A618/47RH
2004R AODE/4R70W 46RE/47RE
700R4/4L60 E4OD/4R100 545RFE(converters)
4L60E/4L65E 5R55S (converters)
Allison 1000 (converters)