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ATF Manufacturing

ATF designs, prototypes and produces parts from  steel, aluminum and composites for many automotive applications. The shop features state-of-the-art HAAS CNC machining centers, 3D Printing Machine, SOLX valve body dyno, transmission dyno and much more. 


Before shiny new billet parts are produced on our CNC machines we create virtual and solid prototypes of them. Prototyping allows us to perfect product designs before the parts go into production. Producing accurate prototypes of parts before they are machined from expensive materials saves time and money.

Pictured below is one component of a solid model prototype for a new bellhousing design.

The CNC Mill used to machine flywheels, flexplates, engine plates, engine brackets, valve bodies, valve body plates, drums, pistons and many other items. CNC machining is a complex process where the machine is programmed and then the material (usually a solid block of aluminum or steel) is secured to the table inside the machine. The machine’s table and cutting head move while the cutting head carves the part from the material. The cutting head can hold a multitude of interchangeable cutting tools. The tools are selected according to the instructions programmed into the machine. On the right side of the table is a 4th axis. This can be used to cut splines or rotation of a part while machining. CNC machining is extremely precise and can repeatedly produce identical parts within very tight tolerances of quality control.


The CNC Lathe is used to machine valves, shafts, bushings, pistons and any object that is round. The material is spun with the spindle and the tools are used to profile the outside diameter. After all machining is completed, the part is cutoff and caught in the parts catcher.


Valve Body Dyno:

The valve body dyno allows ATF to test the valve body thoroughly. The valve body dyno uses a hydraulic pump to simulate the pump inside the transmission. When testing the valve body on the dyno, ATF verifies that it will shift properly and deliver the correct pressures that the transmission requires. Quick pressure build up on the gauges and no visual leaks from the valve body are just a few of the quality checks that we perform before the valve body can be installed onto the transmission. The dyno also gives ATF the ability to set pressures on valve bodies equipped with pressure regulator valves.