Stage 1 TH400 (Street) (Automatic/Manual)
Stage 1 TH400 (Street) (Automatic/Manual)

Stage 1 TH400 (Street) (Automatic/Manual)

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The ATF Stage 1 TH400 Transmission is tough enough to withstand the rigors of the toughest street machines up to 450-500 horsepower at the wheels with a non-boosted engine using pump gasoline. Equipped with a ATF manual/automatic valve body, most units allow you to manually shift the vehicle into each gear change or, by placing it in the drive position, remaining fully automatic. This gives you racetrack shifts and shaves time off your ETs. No Core Charges Apply for this Unit.

• Rated up to 450-500 WHP
• Standard Shift Pattern
• Standard 2.48-1.48 Ratios
• ATF Modified Front Pump Assembly
• Inspected & Dyno Tested Valve Body
• Extreme Duty Clutches and Steels
• 3 Clutch Intermediate Pack
• New Thrustwashers
• New Bushings
• New Vacuum Modulator
• High Flow Filter
• Factory Shallow Pan
• Valvoline Dextron 6 Full Synthetic is the recommended transmission fluid