Stage 4 4L80E Transmission
Stage 4 4L80E Transmission

Stage 4 4L80E Transmission

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Part# :142103

ATF Stage 4 HD 4L80E Race Transmission - Rated up to 1500 HP

• Comes Standard with a Factory 2.48-1.48-1.1- .75 (4-Speed) Helicul Cut Gear Set (Optional Gear Sets Available)
• ATF Aerospace Billet Input Shaft
• ATF Billet Forward Clutch Hub
• ATF Aluminum Direct Drum with Pro Mod Sprag
• ATF Billet Intermediate Shaft
• ATF Custom Shift Kit Valve Body (Transbrake Optional)
• Alto Red Eagle Frictions (Extra Clutches added where needed)
• New Bushings
• New Bearings and Thrustwashers
• ATF Red Lining Low/Reverse Band
• ATF 2nd Gear Brake Band Red Lining
• Bushed Center Support
• Electronic Pressure Control Solenoid
• New Pulse Width Modulated Lock-up Solenoid
• New Shift solenoids (2)
• New Pressure Switch Manifold
• High Flow Filter
• Deep Cast Aluminum Pan (Deep Moroso Pan Optional)

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