TH400 Valvebody Install (Auto/Manual High Horsepower)

Posted by Team ATFSpeed on 5/14/2020 to Tech Help
TH400 Valvebody Install (Auto/Manual High Horsepower)
This video goes over the install of our ATFSpeed TH400 cast iron automatic and manual shift valvebody with locked line pressure. With this ValveBody the line pressure is no longer adjusted by the modulator. The modulator only adjusts the shift points. You will need an adjustable modulator to make these adjustments. This valvebody can be shifted manually and it will not upshift to 2nd gear if the shifter is in manual low. If you manually shift to 1st gear the trans will go to 1st gear no matter how fast you are going, so only down shift when appropriate.

Features: • Shift Pattern is P - R - N - 3 - 2 - 1 • Requires a forward pattern shifter - Part #132119 
• Modified Cast Iron Valvebody 
• Set of VB Gaskets 
• Separator Plate 
• HD Pressure regulator spring 
• .109-.114 Drill Bit 
• 1/8 inch Steel Checkball 
• High Flow Filter 
• Filter Bolt with Washer and Spacer 
• Set of Stickers